Aloha! Welcome To YOUR Mauli Ola Dashboard!

Through your participation in the MAʻO Alumni Survey and/or Mauli Ola study, you assessed your personal health by completing 3 steps:

1. Completion of survey and biometrics (self reported height and weight to calculate BMI);
2. Completion of A1C blood glucose test; and,
3. Completion of the gut microbiome test. 

We invite you to navigate through the portal where you will learn more about your personal results, learn what the data means, as well as get ideas for enriching your health and well-being.

In 2017, the
Study started at MAʻO with the Youth Leadership Training (YLT) Cohort 12 being the first cohort to participate - the study has been ongoing ever since. As an Alum of the  MAʻO ʻohana, this opportunity was extended to you as well! 

Through this dashboard, we would like to support your health journey by providing resources and access to your personal health data. 

Knowing about our personal health empowers us to create a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our future ancestors by connecting ʻāina (land that feeds), ʻai pono (good food), and ola (health & well-being).

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“He ʻopu lepo ko ka mahiʻai” -- a farmer has a dirty stomach.  
MAʻO believes in OLA, which is looking through the lens of holistic health.  This ʻōlelo noʻeau signifies that “you are what you eat,” meaning that what you put into your body is very important!