Hawaii Integrated Analytics

We are a growing multidisciplinary team with broad expertise from economics and social sciences to health and medicine. Our team is located at the Manoa Innovation Center (Suite 141). We often combine its expertise to measure the social, economic and health impact of programs and proposals, even those not specifically designed to address these areas. We also partner with other practitioners and scientist that complement our expertise (e.g., environmental and agricultural) to provide broader assessments and impacts that fit our clients' needs. Past projects have measured the health impact of an educational program, the economic impact of a start-up, and the broad societal impact of community-based organizations.



While we customize our services to the needs of clients, our services include but are not limited to the design of protocols for the effective and unbiased measurement of impacts, the micro and macro data collection from individuals and communities around Hawaii as well as the data analysis and interpretation of the results in terms that are understandable for the clients and the broader community.

Our Team
Ruben Juarez.jpg
Ruben Juarez, PhD

Hawaii.Analytic@gmail.com Phone: 808-233-9524

Web: www.rubenj.net

Dr. Juarez is a mathematical economist with expertise in Economics and the Social Sciences. His work includes the measurement of the direct and indirect impacts of programs and companies around Hawaii. 

Alika Maunakea, PhD


Phone: 808-233-9524

Web: www.amaunakea.com

Dr. Maunakea is a biomedical researcher with expertise in health disparities research and epigenetics. His work includes the measurement of impacts in health, even for programs that are not specifically designed around health.

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